Riken FI-8000P Gas Indicator

FI-8000P Gas Indicator.

FI-8000P RIKEN Gas Indicator

Your essential partner in testing vaporizers—delivering unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Experience heightened efficiency and user-friendly convenience with our updated software, switching anesthetic gases faster and driving results.

New and Updated Software

The innovate software enables rapid and seamless switching between different anesthetic gases optimizing your time and results.

Continuous Pump

A continuous gas pump provides a steady and controlled flow of gases, ensuring precision readings.


Optical Interferometric boasts exceptional accuracy, harnessing the interference of light waves to achieve high-precision measurements.

+/- 3% of the reading value +/- 1 digit (Air base)

No Conversion Factors

Simplifying operations and reducing the likelihood of errors for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience

Watch the simplicity of the new software in action!

Enjoy a more intuitive user experience with the one-touch access feature, delivering impactful and time saving results. The updated software operates approximately 50% faster then the discontinued FI-21 and the previous FI-8000P software. Plus, the AIR CAL prompt acts as a helpful reminder enhancing the overall accuracy of readings.

Backlit LCD Screen

Enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, providing users with a clear and illuminated display for improved readability and usability.

Four Anesthetic Gases

Preloaded on the FI-8000P offers a comprehensive and convenient solution streamline the calibration process.

Two carrier gases

Option of oxygen or air for each preloaded anesthetic gas for specific requirements and accuracy.

Built to last

Zero tolerance for compromises in quality in any of our manufacturing process.

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FI-21 RIKEN Discontinued

The RIKEN Keiki Co. discontinued the FI-21 RIKEN in March 2015. In March 2022, they discontinued RIKEN Keiki Co. maintenance, calibration services and replacement parts.

A.M. Bickford, Inc. will continue to provide calibration services only for the FI-21 RIKEN Gas Indicator. If an FI-21 RIKEN fails calibration, the direct replacement is the FI-8000P.

Download the official RIKEN Keiki Co. discontinuation letter. We encourage all customers to plan a transition to the FI-8000P with the new user friendly software.

The trusted tool of choice for HTM and Biomedical Engineers.

The all-in-one solution for measuring anesthetic gas concentration. Portable and light weight, it is ideally suited to quickly and accurately check the calibration of anesthetic vaporizers.

All sample line accessories included with the purchase of an FI-8000P.

Sample T 18011
Absorption Tube
Filter Tubes

Authorized United States distributor and calibration provider

Trained by the RIKEN KEIKI Co to conduct annual calibrations for 18 Series, FI-21 & FI-8000P and combined with the assurance of NIST traceability. This specialized training not only imparts in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the RIKEN Gas Indicator but also instills confidence in the calibration process. With NIST traceability, you gain the peace of mind that your calibrations adhere to the highest standards, ensuring accuracy and consistency.