Riken FI-8000P Gas Indicator


The RIKEN FI-8000P stands out as an all-encompassing solution for measuring anesthetic vaporizer gas concentration. This portable and lightweight device is the ideal choice for accurate certification of anesthetic vaporizer calibrations. Manufactured by Riken Keiki Company, a global leader in gas detection and sensor technologies, the RIKEN Gas Indicator has been the trusted tool of choice for HTM and Biomedical engineers for decades.

The newly developed RIKEN FI-8000P software, crafted over a year with user feedback in mind, is a significant advancement. It boasts an impressive 50% increase in speed compared to its predecessors. Simplifying the user experience, switching anesthetic gases now requires just one button press, a vast improvement over the 13-button process of the discontinued FI-21 and pervious FI-8000P software. The addition of the AIR CAL prompt serves as a valuable reminder, enhancing the overall accuracy of readings.

This user-friendly software eliminates unnecessary steps, accelerates result delivery, and ultimately saves your team valuable time. Trust in the RIKEN FI-8000P for unparalleled efficiency in anesthetic vaporizer calibration.

Included with purchase of the RIKEN FI-8000P is a carry case, owners manual, RIKEN Keiki factory certificates, A.M. Bickford calibration certificates and sample line accessories.

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**Non-Returnable Item**


  • Optical Interferometric Sensor
  • Large Back-Lite LCD Screen
  • Self Checking Readout on Display
  • Protective Outer Shell
  • Manual and Automatic Data Logging
  • Automatic Compensation for Barometric Pressure
  • Automatic Compensation for Temperature
  • Built In Sample Pump
  • 2 Carrier Gases (02 & Air)
  • Measures 4 Anesthetic Gases
  • Direct Digital Readout
  • No Conversation Factors
  • Included with purchase:

Riken Calibration

A.M. Bickford, Inc. is the authorized service & calibration provider for RIKEN models 1802D, 1806H, FI-21 and the FI-8000P.  Please click here to receive a quote and schedule your calibration.


Military & Government Customers

To make it easier for our military and government customers to order, A.M. Bickford, Inc has partnered with Government Scientific Source Inc (http://www.govsci.com).  G.S.S is a Veteran Owned Small Business.  They are the leading dedicated supplier of laboratory products and equipment to federal, state, and municipal government. G.S.S mission has always been to promote laboratory research and educational excellence by bringing the widest range of products in all commodity areas at the best negotiated prices through the largest number of procurement channels. Phone: 1-800-248-8030   Email [email protected]

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