Large Feline Mask


A.M. Bickford’s large feline mask gives the patient safety and comfort. And it offers the veterinary staff convenience. Veterinary anesthesia masks are a critical component for a successful surgery, since they extend the anesthesia machine to the patient. It is crucial to choose the appropriate size and fit of the patient. Set of three (L,M & S), Medium and small anesthesia masks are available.

Use of the mask is easy and effective. To administer oxygen and anesthesia, connect a “Y” or mask elbow of a breathing circuit to the secure and efficient standard 22mm standard female connection.

The round silicone mask anatomically correct average contour of the patient’s face. The soft and pliable transparent design of the large feline anesthesia mask provides 360 degrees of visibility of the patient’s nose and mouth during induction. This allows the veterinary staff to monitor the patient throughout the surgical procedure.

Product Information

Diameter: 76mm (3 inches)

Connection: 22mm Female connector

The large anesthesia feline mask can be purchased directly through A.M. Bickford. For pricing, click the “REQUEST QUOTE” button.