XL Anesthesia Mask


A.M. Bickford’s XL (extra large) anesthesia mask gives the patient safety and comfort. And it offers the veterinary staff convenience.  Veterinary anesthesia masks are a critical component for a successful surgery, since they are direct extension of the anesthesia machine to the patient. It is crucial to choose the appropriate size and fit of the patient.  Large and small anesthesia masks are available.  

The transparent plastic design of the XL anesthesia mask provides 360 degrees of visibility of the patient’s nose and mouth during induction. This  allows the veterinary staff to monitor the patient throughout the surgical procedure. 

The XL anesthesia mask is designed to adapt to the diverse facial features of our patients. The cone-shape design, seven-inch depth and five-inch diameter combine to provide comfort.  Use of the mask is easy and effective. To administer oxygen and anesthesia, connect a “Y” or mask elbow of a breathing circuit to the secure and efficient standard 15mm male taper connection.

The neoprene rubber diaphragm creates a tight seal around the animal’s nose and mouth. This ensures that anesthesia gasses are delivered precisely to the patient, while protecting the staff from anesthesia. Before each use, inspect the neoprene rubber diaphragm

Product Information: 

The XL anesthesia mask can be purchased directly through A.M. Bickford. For pricing, click the “REQUEST QUOTE” button.

 It can also be purchased through our distribution partners. Click on the links below.


Midwest Veterinary Supply   

MWI Animal Health

Patterson Veterinary

Penn Veterinary Supply






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