A.M. Bickford PC-3 Vacuum Scavenging Attachment – Sku # 80015


BICKFORD PC-3 Vacuum Scavenging Attachment

Controls the drawing off of overflow gases from anesthesia breathing circuits for disposal into a hospital suction system.

  • Mounts solidly to anesthesia machine providing terminal connection for suction supply.
  • Control valve built-in so that suction can be adjusted to equal input from anesthesia circuit avoiding excessive suction flows which may occur in installations with multiple O.R. sites.
  • Safety Relief Valve for positive and negative pressures to limit application of suction or back pressure to breathing circuit.
  • Breathing bag reservoir used to store pulsations of exhaled gases for evacuation with low continuous suction flow. Bag acts as a valuable  indicator of in and out flow to and from system.
  • Input connection standard 15mm diameter external taper fits 7⁄8” breathing tubes and 15mm internal diameter taper fits endotracheal tube connectors which are available for any size tubing.
  • Mounting brackets available to attach unit to most makes of anesthesia machines.
  • The Bickford PC-3 Vacuum Scavenging Attachment is used in semi-closed, open, or  non-rebreathing systems, with an outlet connection provided. Most systems can be converted by replacing the present open type pressure relief (pop-off) valve with the Bickford PC-1 Valve and use of the Bickford PC-2 Non-rebreathing System.