CGA 540 Oxygen Pressure Regulator


Oxygen pressure regulators are a essential component of your anesthesia system.  Oxygen pressure regulators primary function is to control the flow of oxygen from a high-pressure source, such as an oxygen cylinder to a safe and controlled flow rate for delivery to a patient.  A.M. Bickford’s time-tested anesthesia equipment delivers unsurpassed, dependable, all-around performance. For nearly 50 years, A.M. Bickford’s veterinary anesthesia equipment & supplies have built a reputation of quality, safety, durability, and trust.

72011 single stage oxygen pressure regulator is preset output to deliver 50 PSI.  Equipped with a nut nipple connection for large CGA 540 oxygen tanks, high pressure gage, 0-8 liters per minute flowgauge and a flow control value.  The outlet is a standard DISS (Diameter Index Safety System) male connection.

This  is an essential tool for any medical application that requires precise control of gas flow. Designed with safety and reliability in mind, this regulator is constructed from durable materials and features state-of-the-art technology to ensure consistent and accurate output.

Gas : Oxygen

Regulator: Single Stage

Flow Gauge: LPM  0-8

Outlet:    DISS

Preset Pressure:  50 PSI

MAX Pressure:  4,000 PSI

Valve Size:  CGA 540

Tank Size:  H (M250)

Connection Type:  Nut Nipple Connection



Diameter Index Safety System Medical Gas Fittings

Diameter Index Safety System Medical Gas Fittings

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) developed the Diameter-Index Safety system (DISS) to establish a standard for non-interchangeable, removable connections for use with Medical Gases, Instrument Air, Vacuum (Suction), and WAGD (Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal). Non-interchangeable indexing is achieved by a series of increasing and decreasing diameters in the components of the connections. These specific diameters act in key-like fashion, so that fittings within the gas service “family” will connect only with their own “family members.” In place of diameter indexing, Oxygen (DISS 1240) has been assigned the long established 9/16″-18 thread connections as its safety standards

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