Esophageal Stethoscope Tubes


Esophageal stethoscope tubes engineered to optimize the transmission of acoustic performance.  Capturing heart and breath sounds with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This exceptional design instills confidence in your ability to assess the cardiovascular and respiratory health of your patients, enabling timely interventions and effective treatments

Esophageal stethoscope tubes are manufactured with a latex free satin-finish tubing.  This ensures ease of insertion and enhanced patient comfort, allowing for direct access to the crucial heart and lung sounds necessary for accurate diagnoses. Available in a complete range of sizes – 9F, 12F, 18F, 24F

The APM (Audio Patient Monitor) is an affordable, compact, portable, battery powered audio amplifier.  It has special characteristics for sensing the low frequency pressure pulses of the cardio vascular system and the sound of respiration.  The APM seamlessly integrates with the esophageal stethoscope tube, allowing for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.  By combining the accurate sound transmission of esophageal stethoscopes with real-time monitoring technology of the APM, our system enables healthcare providers to monitor vital heart and breath sounds with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

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Part Numbers:

9F x 16″ Length    Sku# 41809

12F x 18″ Length  Sku# 41812

18F x 18″ Length  Sku# 41818

24F x 18″ Length  Sku# 41824

Set of 3: 12F ,18F 24F Sku# 41803


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9F x 16" Length, 12F x 18″ Length, 18F x 18″ Length, 24F x 18″ Length, Set of Three (12F, 18F & 24F)

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