Pediatric Unilimb Breathing Circuit


A.M. Bickford’s pediatric unilimb breathing circuit gives the patient safety and comfort. And it offers convenience to the veterinary staff. 

Veterinary anesthesia breathing circuits are a critical component for a successful surgery, since they are a direct extension of the anesthesia machine to the patient. 

Staff must choose the appropriate size for the patient. Both pediatric and adult unilimb breathing circuits are available. 

The pediatric unilimb breathing circuit is latex free and 100% leak tested at production. It is assigned a color-code of GREEN, so the surgical staff can quickly and safely identify the pediatric size with certainty.

Our unique “tube within a tube” design uses the patient’s exhaled air to create a thermal wrap which increases the temperature and humidity of the inhaled anesthesia gas. The warmer air and increased humidity speeds up the patient’s recovery time. 

The 40-inch length provides flexibility and maneuverability for the anesthesia machine and the patient.  The unilimb design streamlines the delivery of anesthesia and removes the clutter of the standard adult “dual limb” breathing circuit.   

Product Information

  • Unilimb Circuit (F-Circuit)
  • Color Code: Green (Pediatric)
  • Latex-free
  • 100% leak-inspected at production
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Connections: 15mm & 22mm standard
  • Standard 90-degree elbow (attaches safely and securely attaches to an anesthesia breathing mask or endotracheal tube)
  • Disposable
  • Breathing Circuit Flyer

The adult unilimb breathing circuit can be purchased directly through A.M. Bickford. For pricing, click the “REQUEST QUOTE” button.

 It also can be purchased through our distribution partners. Click on the links below.

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