51110 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine


Bickford Veterinary Anesthesia Machines for small animal use, combines time-tested anesthesia concepts and principles with an easy to use workflow anesthesia platform.  Every veterinary hospital is unique and for that reason, we offer different configurations to the meet needs of our customers.  Designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA, BICKFORD veterinary anesthesia machines deliver an unsurpassed all around performance.

Shipped fully assembled and with a five year warranty. The 51110 is a cost effective, safe and easy anesthesia delivery system.  Equipped with a  D.I.S.S (Diameter Index Safety System) connection for large “E” tank oxygen supply.


  • All components are mounted to the table top.
  • Stand provides excellent stability.
  • Compact, very mobile.
  • All controls, gauges, flowmeters and vaporizers are visible and accessible from the front of the anesthesia machine.
  • O2 flowmeter  (0.2 L to 5 LPM) individual modules equipped with precision needle valves.
  • O2 flush valve.
  • D.I.S.S connections for external gas supplies
  • Quick & easy switch over from rebreathing to non rebreathing system
  • Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules).
  • Pressure manometer.
  • Air intake valve.
  • Pop off valve (see through, easy to clean).
  • Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from sticking in the open position
  • Absorber pole allows absorber to adjust up or down and also swings out of the way when not in use
  • Accessories included with purchase:  Breathing CircuitsF/AIR KitBreathing Bag

Save money when you purchase a BICKFORD stand veterinary anesthesia machine and a Vapomatic Vaporizer together.  The bundle includes a stand veterinary anesthesia machine, Vapomatic Veterinary Vaporizer, F/AIR kit,  breathing circuits and breathing bags.

Bundle Terms and Conditions:

Vaporizer & Stand Anesthesia Machine Bundle Terms & Conditions: Call A.M. Bickford for details on the bundle promotion and how to purchase. Customers must be located within the Continental United States. Customers are responsible for shipping charges. For first time customers payment is due at time of purchase. Eligible equipment for promotion 20010 ISO Vaporizer, 20020 SEVO Vaporizer, 51110 Anesthesia Machine, 51111 Anesthesia Machine, 51112 Anesthesia Machine.  A.M. Bickford, Inc. reserves the right to terminate alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time. 

Anesthesia Machine Parts Diagram

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SuperSorber CO2 Absorber Parts Diagram

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SuperSorber Parts Diagram

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