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The Bickford PC-2 Non-rebreathing system is for use in administering anesthesia to small patients up to approximately 10lb. body weight. If offers the advantages of the side vented breathing bag arrangement, plus the advantage of eliminating the unhealthy and annoying discharge of waste gases into the faces of operating room personnel. The PC-2 valve placed at the bag vent permits one hand resuscitation, controlling the vent by thumb pressure while squeezing the bag for manual inflation of the lungs. Waste gases are conducted away through a discharge tube to floor level, or to other disposal means. The NRB elbow provides for standard mask and endotracheal tube connections. Washed-down volume is maximized by placement of the fresh gas supply tube as close as compatibility with standard connectors permits. Since some parts are not conductive, systems should be considered non-conductive.

  • PC-2A 80010
  • PC-2B 80011
  • PC-2C 80012

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